The comeback of Pontiac Aztek and bad car design

Over the years we all condemned the Pontiac Aztek for its hideous design, while we completely overlooked its features and its innovative options such as the tent or the inflatable
mattress that you can use to go camping with.

Doug DeMuro using the Aztek air mattress
Nevertheless, the Aztek was (or still is as it's immortalized in the Breaking Bad series) an ugly car that does not even deserve a second look. However its ugliness is apparently making a comeback into the automotive market in a from of a Japanese made crossover vehicle (which are mostly ugly too), the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. 

First of all, why did Mitsubishi decide to revive the Eclipse name which sat unused since 2012? And why did they use it for a hideous crossover that not even millenials are sure they want to buy? Well, I'm sure they had their reasons, such as that the Japanese have always had trouble with coming up with car names for the US market (anyone remember the Fairlady?) or that they wanted to sell the car to the Fast and Furious crowd which they hoped would still remember the name from the original two movies in the franchise.
But it's not just the Eclipse Cross that's at fault. All cars with a horizontally split rear windows are to be blamed, most notably the Toyota Prius. Why aren't regular cars exciting anymore? I remember a few years ago going to the annual Chicago Auto Show was an amazing experience, all the cars on display, new models, new announcements. The 2019 Auto Show? Not as interesting. Are we, the millenials to blame?

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