Original Voice of Enigma at Chicago

This last Saturday, on March 23rd there was a concert. A concert of epic musical proportions - Enigma. Now, you may have never  heard of them, but to us, Eastern Europeans, they hold a special place in our hearts. Originally started in the nineties by a Romanian-born German musician, Michael Cretu, they had a streak of platinum sales in the early days of their career. However, the band never toured - until recently. And this recent concert mark's their first official visit to Chicago.

Their performance however, did not go without a problem - many show attendees were blaming the musical group for not performing live, instead opting for lip-syncing to studio recorded tracks. Yes, I see how some parts of their music simply cannot, or are very difficult to be performed live due to the band's heavy use of vocal processing as well as their overall atmospheric, ambient sound. Nevertheless, live is life as Opus once sang in their well-known piece, the band should at least try to perform live.

Regardless, the show was a huge success, filling up all the seats at Copernicus Center. Among the public were many Eastern Europeans like myself, as well as a some Americans. I guess that music is stronger than all the barriers that are constantly dividing us in this country, especially with our current political situation.

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