Invisible Black Backdrop (Background)

After seeing this kind of photos around the interwebs, I've finally decided to make one of my own. Ladies and gentlemen: I present to you the invisible black backdrop! Just one photo, really easy to take if you have the proper equipment (a speedlight, a tripod, an umbrella and some Pocket Wizards and of course a camera), and fairly easy to edit in Camera Raw (or Lightroom if you prefer that).

In case you're wondering how it's done, just set your camera to a high f-stop, and the fastest shutter speed that your camera will allow (flash speed sync). Make sure that your picture comes out completely dark without the flash. Then use your speedlight to illuminate the parts of the picture (my own face in my case) that you want to be visible. I'm pretty sure that a snoot will be just as usable as an umbrella. Sadly, I won't go into more detail than that - there are plenty of how-to articles and videos around the internet that will explain it in depth.

For now, just enjoy my own pseudo-selfie (I've used a tripod and a remote).

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