Short review: AUBBC Full HD 1080P Car Vehicle HD Dash Cam

Many professional drivers such as truck drivers, taxi cab drivers, or even Uber or Lyft drivers use dash cameras in their vehicles to protect themselves from all the crazies out there. Yes, some people will cut you off and brake-check you, and if you've been driving for more than a few hours you're probably not as attentive as always and might end up rear-ending the vehicle in front of you. Professional drivers, with driving being their profession, are much more endangered to those situations. Now, from what I have seen, truck drivers spend rather a lot of money on their video recording equipment. And the question is: Which dash camera is right for you?

Even if you are only a casual driver, or only drive on weekends, you might want to record what's in front of your vehicle. Be it for safety reasons, be it to try to catch hilarious moments that sometimes happen on the roads, do you really want to spend $200 and up on a dash cam? I might have just found a perfect solution to your problem! Please, read on - I have recently bought a fairly cheap dash cam on Amazon, and I am about to share my experience using it with you.

The model I have bought is apparently made by a company named AUBBC, which stands for... Uhm, I don't actually know what it stands for. But their best seller, and quite possibly their only camera records video at 1080p! Sounds pretty amazing, but it isn't all about the resolution.

Now, yes, it records at 1080p, but its image processing chip, isn't that great, so with the video still taking 2 GB of your memory for a 5 minute recording, does not actually look that good. I personally use it at the 720p setting, which uses around 1.7 GB of memory for a 10 minute video clip.

This dash cam has a lot of other options that make it a great camcorder. It can do loop recordings (pretty standard for all dash cams), has a G-spot, G-sensor which will start recording automatically when it detects movement (for example when your car is hit when parked). Overall, for the low price, it is a wonderful dash cam, that, when taken care of, will last you at least 6 months before you have to go out and buy a new one (pun intended).

This little device comes with everything to get you set up, USB cable, car lighter power supply, suction cup mounting, and even a microSD card (32GB is the biggest size that it can use, so I'd suggest getting a few extra ones for those long, cross-country drives), and even a SD/microSD to USB adapter. Honestly, why spend $200 and up, when this $40 device gets the same job done almost just as well?

Here is the link to this dash cam on Amazon. And you might consider buying a few extra microSD cards too! At this link you will find some footage recorded with this camcorder.

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