How it began... With my car, that is.

Slightly edited picture of my
two-door 2001 Honda Accord EX-L V6
So after I've crashed my beloved 2001 Honda Accord (I loved that car...) I found myself riding the train to work, or sometimes I asked my girlfriend to drive me.

When I still had my Honda I knew that soon I would get a new car, just didn't know what car yet. Luckily for my story on November 11, 2012 something bad that would turn out to be good happened - I was driving to work when black 2003 VW GTI cut me off which resulted in me hitting him on the side of his car, my Honda jumped to the right hitting the curb and a nearby lamp pole, thus damaging my car heavily.

After e two-month battle with the insurance company which was trying to blame me for the traffic incident (apparently the other driver has already established himself in my lane when I hit him - why did I hit on the side of his car then?...) State Farm took the car as a total loss paying me the full value of it and I actually made some money on it, I got $200 dollars more than I paid for the car.

And there I was, money in my bank account looking for a new car. I obviously wasn't going to get a different car at the same level, so I decided to look for something more luxurious and with a smaller engine due to current gas prices. And I found it! On February 6, 2013 I bought a 2006 Acura TSX with navigation. It wasn't a bargain though, but that's how it started...

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