Changing power steering fluid

My 06 TSX is not, well, it's not a brand new car, and as with every car that is bought used, some parts need to be replaced. I've already replaced pollen filter (read cabin air filter), checked engine air filter, windshield wipers. Today I changed power steering fluid. Usually people take their cars to the dealership to get things like this done, but not me. I ordered OEM power steering fluid from Bernardi Acura Parts and as soon as I received them I got to working on it!

Changing it was pretty easy, I just popped the hood and using a cheap pump I pumped out the old fluid from its tank and I put the new one in. Easy, right? Well, that's not all of it. In order to change all the fluid I had to drain the whole power steering system. I connected the hose that puts the fluid back in its tank to an outside cylinder where I put the old fluid, I started the engine and started turning the steering wheel from left wheel lock, all the way to the right wheel lock at a higher speed three times. I stopped the engine, put more new fluid in and I repeated the process 4 times, until clean, new fluid was coming out, after which I just re-connected all the hoses to their correct places.

And there it was! Brand new power steering fluid. The steering wheel turns much easier now. Although changing power steering fluid is not mentioned in the service manual, I still did it. It makes my hands less-tired when parallel parking and it gives more power to the engine as the power steering pump is driven directly by it. Now I just gotta replace transmission and brake fluids...

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