Think big, start small

Intrigued by this little black t-shirt that is on sale on with some (pointless) words on it I decided to write this post. I mean just see what it says. What do you think? Totally pointless, right? Well, I would argue on that.

"Think big, start small" - what can it apply to? Many people want to make some big changes in their lives, buy a new house, get a better job, start a successful business, some of us even want more - become a famous actor, etc, etc. But most of us just keep day-dreaming what it would be like to be there. And that's a huge mistake.

Don't think how different you life is gonna be when you accomplish something (which in this case you probably won't), think how to get there instead. So therefore THINK BIG - think about what you want, whether it is that new house by the beach, or that new job, and then stop. Here's the next step: START SMALL - decide how you wanna get there, step by step, and just keep trying until you achieve success.

Have you ever seen that movie with 50 Cent, Get Rich or Die Tryin'? It's something like that. Spend your whole life trying to accomplish your dreams, or just die trying.

You can get the t-shirt here.

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