Make internet browsing on your BlackBerry faster and smoother

Sometimes browsing internet on your BlackBerry (especially if it's an older model like mine) can be a huge pain in the a**. But having experienced it myself, I've decided to write about it and let you guys know what to do to make your browser faster. It only applies to the stock browser, the one that comes with your device.

First of all, disable all of the extras that don't make any difference. For example having Java turned on only slows down your device. It does almost nothing for mobile browsing. Of course some websites require it to work, but most don't so don't worry about it. Also disable all the other extras like embedded media, and HTML tables.

The other thing that you can do is to clean your browser's memory regularly: Content Cache, Pushed Content and Cookie Cache along with browsing history. While keeping it will speed up download time and save some precious megabytes of data if you're not on unlimited data plan, it will slow down your browser much more than it speeds up download time.

Have any other ideas on making your BlackBerry browser faster or feedback on this article? Make sure you post it in the comments.

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